Life is a Good Read

We all enjoy reading a good book. A book with a well-conceived plot, rounded characters that we can relate to and empathise with, an eventual triumph againts all odds of the protagonist, and so on. And with a good book we get to enjoy a huge range of emotions from the comfort and safety of our living room. And those emotions can seem every bit as instense and vital as their real-life counterparts. … read more

Real Life

What I mean by ‘real life’ is our living in ways fully consistent with who we are at the most fundemental level.

Consider a life experienced in a dream: It seems very real while asleep, but upon waking we realise it is not our real life. Even though the range of emotions experienced while sleeping are tangible, perhaps just as tangible as those experienced in our waking life (for example, we may cry and feel sorrow intensely, or feel the ecstasy of being in love), still we readily step back from our dream … which, after all, is only a dream. … read more

The Material World is a Believable Backdrop

In a theatre the stage is often decorated with props and screens. At least enough to create a context for the drama, a believable backdrop, so that the audience can easily enter into, and enjoy the performance.

I propose that this is exactly what the material world is to us. Something we can readily accept as real, so we can get on with exploring the variety of sensual and emotional enjoyments facilitated by our existence in this world. … read more

The Food Chain … Where is God’s Love?

Lapwing Chick (Springwatch BBC 2009)
Lapwing Chick (Springwatch BBC 2009)

Beautiful and wonderful as nature undoubtedly is, it has a very dark side as well: The body of one species is always food for another. We call this the food chain.

For most species, their choice of food seems to happen instinctively. By design you could say.

The body of one species being food for another … where is God’s love in this design? … read more

Suspension of Disbelief

We human beings seem to have an extraordinary ability to suspend disbelief. Especially when it serves our enjoyment.

For example, whenever we watch a film we suspend our awareness that the film is not real … that we are in fact watching actors represented by coloured pixels on a screen. We suspend disbelief in order to enter into and identify with what’s going on. … read more

Yesterday’s Absolute Truth … Today’s Embarrassing Episode?

At least some of yesterday’s definate truths I now regard more as part of growing up … with a few slightly embarrassing periods thrown in t’boot.

Ironically, I think it is through our growing out of the need for everything to be black or white, and willingness to embrace uncertainty, that real progress on the ‘path of enlightenment’ begins.

We may not know, but a least we now know we don’t know. … read more

We are all God, yet at the same time …

I propose that what is going on here is that God, albeit in the form of multiple spirit souls (i.e. us), is using the unique feature of the material world, namely ignorance in self-awareness … and everything that that facilitates (in terms of flavour of experience, emotion, enjoyment etc.) to increase the completeness of His/Her enjoyment.

But God cannot directly enjoy the pains/pleasures of material existence because ignorance of self, especially firm belief in ones mortality, is required in order to fully enter the arena. … read more

Agreeing to Differ

When a point of view is assumed to be something much more than a simple point of view, for example, we might blow it up into ‘the complete and final understanding of the meaning of life and everything else” … rather than accept it as but a partial appreciation, simply seen from our particular point or angle, then it becomes very difficult for us to accommodate contrary perceptions as anything other than plain wrong. … read more

One of Us

It’s easy to relate to some people. Not so to others. I am sure we all find this to be the case. When we particularly relate to someone, we might say something like “he/she’s one of us!”.

But I propose that everyone is actually one of us. Personally, I believe we are all equally part of God; little gods, if you will, going about our business of serving the completeness of God. … read more