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Agreeing to Differ

When a point of view is assumed to be something much more than a simple point of view, for example, we might blow it up into ‘the complete and final understanding of the meaning of life and everything else” … rather than accept it as but a partial appreciation, simply seen from our particular point or angle, then it becomes very difficult for us to accommodate contrary perceptions as anything other than plain wrong. … read more

There is no limit to what one can believe

Human beings can believe in just about anything, and then go on to believe that it’s not a question of belief but just plain fact.

But as one goes through life we have the opportunity to look back at the various convictions that we embraced and then later rejected over time. And how they caused us to act in relation to others. … read more

Point of View

I am the first in line to say that each is entitled to their own point of view. After all, I believe am … so it would be inconsistent to deny others the same right. Point of view means you are seeing something from where you stand in relation to it. It is therefore, by definition, always a relative and partial appreciation of the complete view/whole picture. … read more