Against My Will or Role Play?

If we are divine beings/of-god, engineering situations in this world that enable us to experience the tastes we are after, for me that status would seem at odds with anything ever happening against our will. After all, the very notion of expression of divinity, be it collectively or individually, suggests that we are always willing and eager participants.

Yet what about the aggressor/victim scenario? … read more

Satan is an invention

Invented, I suggest, because we find it impossible to accommodate the dark, the evil, the ghastly of this world within our idea of who God is and what God is like. It’s easy to accommodate things like love, kindness, mercy, peace within the traditional concept of God, but in excluding the other stuff I propose that we end up with an extremely limited idea of God, and, perhaps more importantly, a very confused idea about what we are doing here. … read more