Natural Talent – Reincarnation Posted in: Divine Expression

If you accept the idea of reincarnation, then you can easily explain the natural flare and talent people have for certain things … this is simply not the beginning of their cultivation, they are picking up from where left off in previous life.

Rather than becoming disheartened … I’m just no good at such and such (i.e. compared to someone else) … instead think ‘anything is possible if I choose it’ … those who I look up to are not at the beginning. …

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Everything flows from desire Posted in: Divine Expression

At least this idea feels compatible with the notion of self-divinity.  Compatible in the sense that there be no out of bounds, no area that cannot be explored, no experience that cannot to sought.  Everyone at all times is simply expressing their divine. Contributing automatically to the completeness of God. Perfectly. And regardless of judgement imposition of worthy vs. unworthy desire choices. …

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Conditioned Soul – a good thing? Posted in: Divine Expression, God On Our Side

When something is conditioned that means it is made ready for something … conditioning is the process of making ready. Generally that is a good thing.

Perhaps a conditioned soul is therefore simply a soul prepared for their chosen objective. Let us consider this possibility without judgement. After all, if the soul is divine (of God, one and different), and choice of objective is divine prerogative … i.e. …

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Weighted Words Posted in: Divine Expression, God On Our Side

Ignorance and ignorant are weighted words for me. To be ignorant, or to be absorbed in ignorance, … neither are things to be proud of :(. For me the weightedness of these words has gradually grown over my lifetime. Due, at least in part, to my being born in 20th century England, and growing up within Christian-esque culture.

Yet it seems to me our whole existence is permeated with ignorance. …

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Disposition Matrix Posted in: Divine Expression

A made-up term yes, but actually one intended to explore a fairly serious philosophical proposition. My song of the same name, and associated online form, being two previous explorations.

It really comes down to the question of cause and effect.

My proposal is that this present life (e.g. our place of birth, parents, type of body, disposition of mind, events in our life story, etc. …

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Active Ingredient Posted in: Divine Expression

I propose that the self (personally I prefer the word soul) is the active ingredient in all situations. Self knowledge is not required for optimal functioning, … degree of self awareness only flavours our experience … our experience of, our tasting through, and the associated enjoyments of the mind and bodily senses (both favourable and unfavourable).

There exists a potentially confusing situation for the self, … we find ourselves simultaneously integrated with our body, our mind, and our bodily senses, yet at the same time we feel our self to be somehow separate from all of these. …

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How Does It Serve You? Posted in: Divine Expression, The Self Divine

That anything can happen against the will of the divine seems illogical to me. After all, what sort of divinity would that be?

If something happens against my will, that’s another thing. Or is it? What if everything that eminates from the divine, all of us included, is also divine? In other words, though we may not be God (with a capital ‘G’), at the same time we do not give up our divinity by the process of our manifestation. …

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What If Posted in: Divine Expression, God On Our Side

What if the only thing that is going on here is simply that everything in this world is adjusting and aligning according to our individual desires? To facilitate an experience or emotion that we are after? That would certainly sit well with the notion of our divinity … compared, say, to the idea of us being required to first know/learn something, discover a secret, contrive a process, etc., …

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We Are Very Good At Accepting Illusion As Truth! Posted in: Divine Expression, The Self Divine

Most of us enjoy watching a good film on TV. Even though we ‘know’ it isn’t real … they are just actors … or not even actors … just dots on a screen representing actors. An illusion, in other words. But because it facilitates our enjoyment to loose awareness that the film isn’t real, we very readily do so.

We like to enjoy, and it is by buying into the illusion we get our enjoyment! …

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Feelings are the Language of the Soul Posted in: Divine Expression, Divinity

… the soul being you, rather than something separate from you that you possess, for example, like your mind, your intellect, your body etc. Of course you don’t have to use the word soul.

I propose that feelings, or in other words emotions, are the language of the soul.

I further propose that our lives are primarily about a calling of elements into play, assembling our cast etc., …

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