How is it perfect now? Posted in: Perfection in Seeming Imperfection

If God exists, and God is perfect, is it not then reasonable to suggest that everything emanating from God, us and our lives included, is also perfect?

But who amongst us is seeing their lives and world around us as perfect?

If fact, some say the material world is imperfect. Flawed. A place of suffering, a struggle for existence, a place of birth, death, old-age and disease. …

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Always Perfect Posted in: Divinity, Perfection in Seeming Imperfection, The Self Divine

I propose that we are always perfect. Perfect and prefectly situated. Seeming imperfection is always the result of erroneous assumption as to who we are and what we are about. After all we are part of God. We are God in that sense. So how could it be otherwise?

Consider for a moment the case of Dorothy, the sweet and innocent young girl who gets lost in a storm, survives miraculously … only to be pursued by a nightmarish green skinned woman and an army of flying monkeys … wait a minute, isn’t that a film? …

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Death is not the Enemy Posted in: Belief and Truth, Divinity, Perfection in Seeming Imperfection

I propose that death, and for that matter birth, old age and disease as well (sometimes dubbed the fourfold miseries of material existence) are there to serve us. They are there in support of our purpose. Indeed they are necessary to our purpose.

But how? And do they really need to be so extreme and harsh? I propose they are actually no more or less graphic than necessary, in fact just dramatic enough to make entirely believable the notion that we are mortal/temporary, limited … and so on. …

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