Abortion Debate – First Principles Posted in: Pro Life, Social

In my opinion this most important of topics must not be hijacked by religious dogma or women’s rights issues. Views on all sides of such things are passionate, fiercely defended, and for me, paradoxically, they simply cloud and distract.

Instead I suggest invested parties step back … way back … and review their personal convictions about who/what we are, and what life is? …

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Planet Earth Posted in: Social, What are we doing here?

According to Vedic thought, planet Earth is located in the midway planetary system (Bhu-loka), and our present time is near the beginning of Kali Yuga, the last of the four cyclic ages.

Planet Earth, as a middle level planet, is not typically a place where enlightened beings tend to take birth. Compared to the other three yugas, Kali Yuga is characterised as the age of least enlightenment. …

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Fifteen Posted in: Social

Sometimes adult society is dismissive of the emotional experience of children and/or younger people. Take the expression ‘puppy love’ for example … an adult judgement that prepubescent romantic love is not real, or at least is in some way inferior to the adult counterpart.

I suggest, however, that compared to an adult, there is no reason to believe the ability to feel emotion is in anyway restricted by the soul wearing the mind/intellect/life experience/maturity of a child. …

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