Natural Talent – Reincarnation Posted in: Divine Expression

If you accept the idea of reincarnation, then you can easily explain the natural flare and talent people have for certain things … this is simply not the beginning of their cultivation, they are picking up from where left off in previous life.

Rather than becoming disheartened … I’m just no good at such and such (i.e. compared to someone else) … instead think ‘anything is possible if I choose it’ … those who I look up to are not at the beginning. OK, I may or may not get to their level in this single life time, but I am a version of God so if I choose it (give myself permission) I can get to their level and even beyond at some future point.

Apparently Ravi Shankar claimed it takes seven lifetimes to properly learn how to play the sitar (unsubstantiated)

Knowing who you are, what you are capable of, give yourself permission to achieve.

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