Yesterday’s Absolute Truth … Today’s Embarrassing Episode? Posted in: Belief and Truth

At least some of yesterday’s definate truths I now regard more as part of growing up … with a few slightly embarrassing periods thrown in t’boot.

Ironically, I think it is through our growing out of the need for everything to be black or white, and willingness to embrace uncertainty, that real progress on the ‘path of enlightenment’ begins.

We may not know, but a least we now know we don’t know. I call this the grey phase.

Those in the black and white phase find it difficult to relate to those in the grey phase. They don’t see how moving from knowing to not knowing can be progress. They are inclined to judge those who do that to have lost the plot, or to be completely out of it!

But those in the grey phase do not feel threatened by the judgement of the black and whites. After all they have been there and done it themselves.

Neither are the greys inclinded to again suckle on the breast of certainty … for them that would be a backward step.

I may be wrong about all this 🙂

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