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You can’t say no to God. At least not if you subscribe to the traditional notion of God. You cannot say that God can’t have something God wants. After all, what sort of God would God be if some things are out of bounds? Forbidden. Where would be the divinity in that?

But what about us? What if our not being God does not mean we have lost our divinity? In other words, we are like versions of God. Different yes, but not so different that we are no longer divine. And if we are divine, does that mean one can also not say no to us? Or to put it another way, that nothing can happen against our will, and everything happens only by our will. Is this as ridiculous as it sounds? After all, do we not see all around us graphic examples of things happening against the will of individuals?

Let’s explore the aggressor / victim scenario. If we accept the self-divinity logic proposed in the previous paragraph, we cannot say no to the aggressor, and/but at the same time we cannot oblige the victim against their will. Seems like an irreconcilable situation. But perhaps not one beyond God to solve? 🙂

An aggressor, because their action is generally of conscious choice, … you might accept that their divinity is being satisfactorily expressed. Albeit in a pretty dark way. The victim, however, who in their right mind could suggest there is a conscious choosing on their part? I therefore propose we look at it in an other way. And I will not be entertaining the idea of karma here (or anywhere on this website!)

Perhaps the abuse-event is not the choice in-of-itself, but more a stepping stone to something actually chosen? For example, to later wreak revenge, or, conversely, to forgive an abuser. A sort of stage-setting, if you like. Indeed, perhaps today’s aggressor is in some cases a former victim now taking revenge? [link to song]

Let us look at the idea of an aggressor-victim event as being either grand finale or stepping stone.

Aggressor Point Of View

  • As Grand Finale
    • They wish to enjoy the power of imposing their will upon an unwilling other (Dark Divinity [link to song]).
    • They wish to experience revenging a previous offense.
  • As Stepping Stone
    • They wish to later be forgiven … take journey from guilt to redemption.

Victim Point Of View

  • As Grand Finale
    • They wish to enjoy being a victim (not many in this category, but what about sadomasochism as an example of how some people do find enjoyment in being the victim?)
  • As Stepping Stone
    • They wish to enjoy the power of imposing their will upon an unwilling other in the form of wreaking revenge
    • They wish to experience the release of forgiving a former abuser.

Of course we can never be sure from the outside if an individual is expressing divinity in terms of grand finale or stepping stone at any given time. I think we often don’t even know this for ourselves. Indeed, in my experience,  it is generally only in retrospect that I have come to see traumatic events as stepping stones to something desired, rather than outcomes imposed upon me against my will.

What about death getting in the way? Is dying not always our grand finale? … well, if we believe the self to be eternal, the possibility that our death can be a stepping stone emerges. Perhaps this life is but a chapter in a very big book? Or perhaps just a paragraph in a chapter, or even a sentence in a paragraph, or a comma in a sentence? 😉

My song ‘From God Point Of View‘ explores this subject.

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