The Fallacy of Perceived Truth Posted in: Belief and Truth, God On Our Side

We find it relatively easy to dismiss as false or deluded the truths of others … especially when they don’t tally with our own. We might consider them ridiculous, unbelievable, inconceivable, implausible, or even insane. No more thought required.

But what if the same processes apply to us that make such ‘wrong’ truths acceptable, or even absolute, to others? In other words, our finding something believable – real – true, no matter how implausible to another, is arrived at in fundamentally the same way as theirs is.

I propose this process is ultimately going on by the hand of God … otherwise how is it that an obviously crazy idea of reality … to others at least 🙂 … we accept as chiseled in stone fact? Some sort of mystical spell must be involved, surely? I propose the power of God is behind it. Or do we think we are different, we are not mistaken in our perception, and those who don’t see like us are simply deluded? Take your pick.

But there emerges a major obstacle to getting along with others when we cannot acknowledge that their truths are arrived at by the same process as ours. How do I have a healthy relationship with someone I know sees me as deluded? Unless of course I know they understand they are likewise deluded?

My proposal is we accept we are all deluded by divine arrangement … and because God is good there must be some good reason for all this confusion.

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