Flies in the Face of our Divinity Posted in: Divinity, Freedom From Judgement, The Self Divine

I propose we are divine, part of God, or in other words, we are ‘of God’. And because we are not anything but God, in that sense we ARE God. And that we are also NOT God does not change that we ARE.

That being the case, I suggest that judgement of wrong or right/good or bad/punishment or reward flies in the face of our divinity. In my opinion these concepts are incompatible with the notion that we are divine. Surely religions therefore should be completely free from these types of impositions? If you know one, please let me know 😉

As divine beings, is it not appropriate that we approach life a simply a series of choices, with no presumption as to what one should or should not choose? And this absence of presumption should be extended to our choosing to return to greater awareness of our divinity, or choosing to further cover that awareness. Choices are not inherently good or bad/right or wrong, etc. They are simply choices. We choose what we want to achieve, and then we choose in terms of what serves us in our manifestation of that objective. Or not. No judgement. Our prerogative!

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