Conditioned Soul – a good thing? Posted in: Divine Expression, God On Our Side

When something is conditioned that means it is made ready for something … conditioning is the process of making ready. Generally that is a good thing.

Perhaps a conditioned soul is therefore simply a soul prepared for their chosen objective. Let us consider this possibility without judgement. After all, if the soul is divine (of God, one and different), and choice of objective is divine prerogative … i.e. there is no question of prescription, or of right vs. wrong for the soul, and regardless of choice, it remains firmly in the category of divine expression, … one could argue that conditioning is the careful arrangement of setting stage for future realisation of chosen objective. A good thing. And perfectly delivered under the expert benevolent hand of God to boot.

Initial conditioning is normally acquired over ones’ formative years. Parents, friends, land of birth, colour of skin, species of life … these all contribute to the way we see ourselves, and the way we relate to the world about us. And we are not necessarily starting from a point of tabula rasa … we may well be bringing a range pre-dispositions with us when we take this present birth.

Of course if one changes objective along the way … and for the possessor of divine prerogative that is always going to be a risk 🙂 … then prior conditioning becomes out of sync … no longer serves. Dealing with a situation like that is certainly going to be an interesting adventure. Don’t I know it.

But it might be that initial conditioning for direction-changers is intended more to establish journey starting point, rather than be preparation for grand finale. In that way it remains part of a perfect arrangement. After all, how could God have got it wrong?

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