Life is a Good Read Posted in: Belief and Truth, Divine Expression, The Role-play Game, The Self Divine

We all enjoy reading a good book. A book with a well-conceived plot, rounded characters that we can relate to and empathise with, an eventual triumph againts all odds of the protagonist, and so on. And with a good book we get to enjoy a huge range of emotions from the comfort and safety of our living room. And those emotions can seem every bit as instense and vital as their real-life counterparts.

I think that this is what we are doing in the material world. From the comfort of being eternal existent spiritual entities, we are enjoying all the ups and downs of material life in extactly the same way as one enjoys a good book. Though in this case, we are also writing the book as we go along, and then forgetting that it’s just a book.

I guess you could say we are really getting absorbed in our book of material life. But isn’t that the test of a great book … you just can’t put it down?

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