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Bondage of karma, fallen soul etc., … this type of thinking can go unchallenged/sit comfortably with the idea that we are not God. That our being a separated part and parcel of God more or less minimises the fundamentals of our continued divinity. I feel this is a false argument … much in the vain of the passing of huge amounts of time makes the ideas of natural selection / random mutation / man from monkey / big bang / primordial soup / something-coming-from-nothing, seem plausible. In other words ‘far-fetched+a lot of time’ = ‘completely logical’. Or the joke that a room full of monkeys with typewriters would eventually end up typing the works of Shakespeare … given long enough time … basically ridiculous 😉 … a sort of smoke-screen to a notion that would otherwise readily be considered laughable by most people. Likewise the idea that being a separated part and parcel of God = suspension of self divinity.

But I propose being a separated part and parcel of God does not significantly compromise our divinity. The fundamental of divinity being only-according-to-one’s-will. Think of Krishna — any obliging upon Krishna, devotees accept as not really against His will at all — it is lila — divine roleplay.

I think we should apply a closer way of thinking to our experience of against-will. OK, not identical, but similar … i.e. it is also some sort of role play that serves us. Yes, the jiva has the tendency (special gift) of accepting the illusions of Maya as real. But in my opinion that is more about facilitating a range of experiences on the conscious -> unconscious spectrum (all contributing to the completeness of God), rather than some sort of flaw or curse, and certainly not about karmic bondage, or loss of divinity.

All the above just my opinion of course.

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