The Importance of What You Believe Posted in: Divine Expression, The Role-play Game, The Self Divine

I suggest that the importance of what you believe to be real and true is best measured not so much by how close it is to reality, but more by how much it contributes to the setting of the stage upon which you play out the adventure of your life. I suggest our beliefs are a major force in creating context for the theatrical performance that is life. OK, there may be other forces, but belief is certainly a primary player. In my opinion.

We may believe that God exists and that God has expectations or demands of us. We may believe there is no God. We may place faith in a religion. We may place faith in science. We may choose to sit on the fence. They are simply choices. In of themselves I argue that they don’t matter so much. It is in what they facilitate that their real potency lies.

So our beliefs are supposed to serve us. Not the other way round.

Let us therefore not get hung up about who is right or wrong, what is true or false, or what is good or bad. Most probably we are simply placing our faith in one variety of illusion or another anyway.

Let us instead see beliefs for what they are and what they facilitate. Let me not falsely promote my belief to some sort of absolute truth/realisation that should be imposed upon one and all. Unless, of course, that is the adventure that I wish to act out 🙂

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