We Are Very Good At Accepting Illusion As Truth! Posted in: Divine Expression, The Self Divine

Most of us enjoy watching a good film on TV. Even though we ‘know’ it isn’t real … they are just actors … or not even actors … just dots on a screen representing actors. An illusion, in other words. But because it facilitates our enjoyment to loose awareness that the film isn’t real, we very readily do so.

We like to enjoy, and it is by buying into the illusion we get our enjoyment!

Actually, we are very good at accepting illusion as truth. It comes very naturally to us. It requires no special effort.

I would suggest that this hints at the essence of our nature, and, in fact, that is exactly what we are doing in this world in regards to this present lifetime.

We accept illusions as truths. Even in the realm of religion and faith, dare I say that the ‘truths’ we so stongly believe and preach (impose?), might ultimately not be quite as true as we imagine 🙂

No matter. I believe they all (illusions/truths/half-truths/quarter-truths etc.) serve us in our adventure and enjoyment of life … they provide context and facilitate tasting the flavours we are after … so in that way they are all truths.

Or, at least, they are all real because they all serve a higher purpose!

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