Don the God hat for a moment Posted in: Divinity, One And Different, The Self Divine

I propose that we (the soul/jiva) are simultaneously one and different from God. In other words we ARE God and we ARE NOT God. And though these two positions seem contradictory, both are true at the same time.

Confusing, yes.
Inconceiveable, yes.

So an experiment:

Don the God hat for a moment. Forget you are NOT God.

Being God, I suggest you would likely ask questions along the lines …

  • What do I want from this life?
  • How does this situation serve me?
  • What does my not knowing who I am facilitate?

Take the God hat off and place the I-am-not-God hat on your head. The one you normally wear.

Now ask the same questions.

Interesting 🙂

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