Contradictory / Incompatible Truths Posted in: Belief and Truth

So we are faced with three different truths about the shape of an object seen by three separate people. The object is a either round, square or a strange shape … surely they cannot all be correct?

You say it’s round I say no, it’s a square, another says it’s a strange shape. But imagine our seeing ability is restricted to just one eye … i.e. we can only see in two dimensions … objects on a two dimensional plane … no scope for depth of field. Just height and width.

Someone comes along (hello!) and suggests there are more than just two dimensions, and in fact actually we all are right, and all have valid points of view.

Another dimension exists?

They say the key thing to understand is that we are each appreciating the same thing, but we are seeing from different points of view, so our appreciation is partial … but it is not wrong.

Perhaps if we accept our understanding of God is partial (i.e. there are many more dimensions to God that we presently assume) … we see and appreciate from our own specific view-point … then it will be easier to accommodate other appreciations … even those that on the surface seem to contradict our own?

If, on the other hand, we imagine we see the complete picture … or much more of the picture than we actually do see (i.e. think we see 99% whereas in reality we see only 1%) we quickly lose the ability to accept other appreciations. How much do you see? Be honest with your self … realistically how much do you appreciate? 1%, … 2%? Is it enough to know for certain that I am wrong? Do I see enough to be sure that you are wrong?

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