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1. God chooses to taste and explore rasa.
Our life adventures, dark or light/conscious or unconscious regardless, contribute, albeit in a small way, to the completeness of that exploration. How? Our personal experiences of emotion/feeling, by dint of our enternal jiva individuality, together with our current lifetime tailored conditioning, have a uniqueness about them, and thus value because they add to the completeness of God’s exploration. How are our experiences God’s experiences? By both our simultaneous oneness and difference (direct) and by being overseen and witnessed by Paramatma.

2. God chooses to know him/her self.
Our personal quests for increased self/God knowledge (often starting from the point of almost complete ignorance) contribute to the completeness of God’s self-knowing. Why? Our discovering afresh aspects and facets of the divine (almost as if for the first time) and the inherent exhilaration of such awakening are also God’s experiences, again by dint of our simultaneous oneness and difference (direct) and by being overseen and witnessed by Paramatma.

3. God chooses to express his divinity.
God (Bhagavan) is the one who possesses in completeness the six opulences of beauty, knowledge, strength, renunciation, fame, and wealth. But true completeness is not just about the grand expression. It must include the finite humble expressions as well. We take care of the small stuff. Worth noting is that the establishing of antithesis at the beginning of our journeys of divine manifestation in the material world adds layers of appreciation of even the smallest divine expression.

In summary, everything we do / manifest / explore / express is as rays of sun that beautify the sun disc. As the rays are dependent on the sun, yet at the same time separate, and contribute to the beauty of the sun, likewise the individual souls add to the already complete beauty of God. We are as spiritual brahmajyoti emanating from the divine form and person of God. And whereas rays emanating from the sun are impersonal, the brahmajyoti is always personal, as God is personal. And just as shadow and darkness, as well as light, contribute to the beautiful appearance of any multi-dimensional form. In the same way, regardless our expression of divinity be dark or light, conscious or unconscious, it always contributes to the beauty of the divine form of God.

Thus we are all always serving God.

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