We are all God, yet at the same time … Posted in: One And Different, The Self Divine

I propose that what is going on here is that God, albeit in the form of multiple spirit souls (i.e. us), is using the unique feature of the material world, namely ignorance in self-awareness … and everything that that facilitates (in terms of flavour of experience, emotion, enjoyment etc.) to increase the completeness of His/Her enjoyment.

But God cannot directly enjoy the pains/pleasures of material existence because ignorance of self, especially firm belief in ones mortality, is required in order to fully enter the arena. On the other hand to say that God cannot do something seems ridiculous.

So in fact God can directly enjoy, but does so in the form of multiple individual spirit souls. The individual souls are in fact God. In other words we are all God. Yet at the same time we are not the fully cognisant original Godhead, and neither has that original Godhead become fragmented by our existence.

This is my personal take on acintya-bhedābheda-tattva … the philosphy of inconceivable, simultaneous oneness and difference of God and us.

Who do you think you are?

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