Abortion Debate – First Principles Posted in: Pro Life, Social

In my opinion this most important of topics must not be hijacked by religious dogma or women’s rights issues. Views on all sides of such things are passionate, fiercely defended, and for me, paradoxically, they simply cloud and distract.

Instead I suggest invested parties step back … way back … and review their personal convictions about who/what we are, and what life is? In other words, go back to first principles (base assumptions).

In the case of abortion debate, I posit that the central-most first principle is ‘I am my body – I do not exist until my body has reached a specify state of maturity within the womb of my mother”. I want to challenge people to satisfy themselves of the safeness of this assumption.

I argue that personal certainty in this regard is fundamentally important, for it is upon this axiom (supposed) that subsequent attitudes toward abortion are justified, reasoned and foundationed.

I want to raise the question: What if life and self exist prior, and transcendentally to, conception? I want to challenge: Are you sure enough they don’t? Are you prepared to risk this is true?

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