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According to Vedic thought, planet Earth is located in the midway planetary system (Bhu-loka), and our present time is near the beginning of Kali Yuga, the last of the four cyclic ages.

Planet Earth, as a middle level planet, is not typically a place where enlightened beings tend to take birth. Compared to the other three yugas, Kali Yuga is characterised as the age of least enlightenment. Simply put, one should not be surprised at some of the dark stuff that goes on here at this time.

That is not to say Earth in Kali Yuga is inferior or less perfect than anywhere else at any other time. In fact the realm itself, the outlook of the beings born here, and the flavours of enjoyment sought by those beings, all fit together like a glove. The residents are very much at home here, expressing their divinity in the way of their choosing, against the backdrop of a perfectly optimised setting. (this paragraph particularly represents my tuppence)

The present dominant / widely held beliefs about who we are / where we come from, and notions of socially acceptable behaviour, are naturally in sync with residence on Earth in Kali Yuga. Take for example the theory that life is but a combination of chemicals (a very popular idea), and/or the conviction that mass slaughter of animals for foodstuff is okay for civilised human beings.

Earth/Kali Yuga thinking is perhaps perfectly exemplified in George Osbourne’s assertion (Aug 2013) that not sending your babies to childcare is a life-style choice …  has he never read the Continuum Concept?

But for beings who normally reside in more enlightened realms, taking birth and living on Earth in Kali Yuga might sometimes be a bit challenging. My message to them is Try not to be scathing and judgemental of the locals (after all they are also perfectly expressing their divinity). Don’t complain (you chose to come), but remember why you chose to come, get your head down … and get on with your business!

My songs Postcard Home and Earth Birth explore this subject matter.

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