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Assuming our divinity, it doesn’t seem logical to me that self realisation should be a mysterious process. A process of uncertainty, a process requiring faith/belief in something not known to be true. Not known if we are honest 😉

Neither does it seem reasonable to me that we could be surrounded by universal laws that if transgressed reward punishment regardless of those laws being known or not to us.

Why should there be so many mysteries and unknowns?

I have a gut feeling that all not knowing is actually caused by our asking questions from within an illusion. In other words our questions are tainted with misconceptions believed to be truths. So even though the answers we get might be correct, we still feel our questions unanswered.

Take, for example, an actor. An actor fully absorbed in their role, identifying completely with their part in a movie. They might ask the question “Why do I have to get killed in such a horrible way?” Because of their head space, this seems a sensible question to the actor. When they get an answer along the lines of “Don’t be silly … you don’t die … it’s just for entertainment … get a life … now, go home to your family!” they might think their question ignored or unanswered. If, however, they stand back from their role-identification, they see that their question was in fact fully answered.

So my suggestion is that if you find you haven’t got an answer to your question, there lies a clue. It might just mean you’re asking the wrong question.

Of course it may be very difficult to ask questions from outside the box. But that is not the same as not having answers to your questions.

I believe that everything is based on desire. So if you really want to know, you will know, because as a divine being you have within you the ability to know!

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