How is it perfect now? Posted in: Perfection in Seeming Imperfection

If God exists, and God is perfect, is it not then reasonable to suggest that everything emanating from God, us and our lives included, is also perfect?

But who amongst us is seeing their lives and world around us as perfect?

If fact, some say the material world is imperfect. Flawed. A place of suffering, a struggle for existence, a place of birth, death, old-age and disease.

If you measure perfection in terms of freedom from old-age, disease, suffering, death etc. then there is no way you can say it is perfect.

But if we accept it is perfect (it has to be, because it emanates from God), perhaps we need to look deeper to find in what way(s) it is perfect. Perhaps all we need to do is revise our present assumptions of perfect, purpose and objective.

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