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A made-up term yes, but actually one intended to explore a fairly serious philosophical proposition. My song of the same name, and associated online form, being two previous explorations.

It really comes down to the question of cause and effect.

My proposal is that this present life (e.g. our place of birth, parents, type of body, disposition of mind, events in our life story, etc. [all together I call these ‘disposition matrix’]) are designed to deliver the experience (effect) we, as divine beings, are after (cause). Rather than, for example, that these things are all completely random – and we are here to struggle and make of them what we will, or we are all simply bound by reaction to our past karmic activity.

My proposal is that our disposition matrix … which, incidentally, includes what we are disposed to find believable or true, is designed to fit with our aspiration. Designed to facilitate the experience we desire. To me, this way of thinking is in keeping with the notion of the self being divine (i.e. a version of God). Perhaps that is because I am predisposed to find this idea believable? Because it serves me to find it believable?

Bhagavad gita 18:61 says

The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone’s heart, O Arjuna, and is directing the wanderings of all living entities, who are seated as on a machine, made of the material energy.

N.B. I am not quoting this verse in an attempt to prove my opinion (I might be wrong!) … but I do like it because it fits well with who I think the designer might be.

One thing is for sure. What one finds believable, for example in terms of who we are, where the world came from, what happens when we die, existence / non-existence of God, how we are going to be happy … all these personal truths impact upon our experience of life.

Of course if our perception is that I am a victim, or that this is not a life I could ever choose to live, there is no possible way this situation serves me … not even that this present reverse is setting the stage for something I want, ….if that is they way we are disposed to see things, that does raise a serious challenge to the whole idea.

For myself, I am not saying this idea is correct. But I am disposed to find this sort of thing  believable. 🙂

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