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A note of caution: It is fine to say of oneself ‘I am not a victim’, but to say of another, that is another thing altogether. I know if someone had suggested I was not a victim during a difficult earlier chapter of my life I would not have appreciated  … nor could I have imagined a time when I might see things differently *.

The Self-Divinity Challenge

Most people who believe in the existence of God would agree that there is no question of anything happening against the will of God, or, to say this another way, anything that God wills cannot be frustrated. Otherwise, what sort of God would that be? What sort of divinity would God have?

Proposition: If the individual souls (i.e. us, who come from God) do not lose divinity by the ‘process’ of their coming into being (in other words, however, and to what extent, they may be different from God, that difference does not extend to loss of divinity), one might reasonably assert that they are also divine.  If this is so, a problem emerges. Divinity, as stated above, requires ‘only by my will’ / ‘never against my will’ – but what if another wishes to impose upon me against my will? How will my divinity and the divinity of the other be simultaneously expressed?

The essence of the self-divinity challenge is that all sides must be facilitated, and at the same time no one imposed upon. If either rule is flouted the notion of self-divinity is in tatters.

Possible Solution: Engineer a divine role play, with everyone taking part because it serves them to do so (i.e. by choice). The individual aspirations may be various, for example the ‘victim’ may want to later experience revenge, or forgiveness (i.e. the event is a type of stage setting), or even enjoy directly the actual experience (not for me!), the aggressor may want to enjoy the power experience of oppressing another, or feelings of guilt (later). These are just a few ideas.

Key thing is that all are so deeply in character that they whole-heartedly buy the reality of it. But because, at a deeper level, no-one’s will is being factually frustrated the divine rules are being met.

Of course if one divine being decides, I want to impose upon another, but don’t fob me off with some sort of role-play solution, I want the REAL THING … where do we go for that? … because it can never really be real (is this the one thing that God can’t have?), maybe Paramatma simply makes it seem more real?

* … as it turns out, I now see before me the opportunity to experience progression toward forgiveness … a journey that I am definitely interested in taking.

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