Everything flows from desire Posted in: Divine Expression

At least this idea feels compatible with the notion of self-divinity.  Compatible in the sense that there be no out of bounds, no area that cannot be explored, no experience that cannot to sought.  Everyone at all times is simply expressing their divine. Contributing automatically to the completeness of God. Perfectly. And regardless of judgement imposition of worthy vs. unworthy desire choices.

So the adventure is underway, and as they say, one thing leads to another. Or to put it another way, one desire leads to the next. Sometimes incremental, for example spanning multiple lifetimes delivered via an evolution through species of birth, or at other times leading to a complete change in direction – perhaps triggered by something seen out of the corner of one’s eye. For example, a Hare Krishna monk walking past 🙂

To fit every desire, to facilitate realisation, a tailored belief-profile is delivered by God. This includes things believed to be true, and things you believe can happen to you against your will. Paradoxically, belief profiles have almost nothing to do with what is actually true. This is because they are generated on the basis of the desire wished to fulfill rather than a quest for truth. So if you want to know the truth you simply have to desire to know. But if you desire some thing else perhaps you might be a little suspicious of your truth 🙂



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