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It’s easy to relate to some people. Not so to others. I am sure we all find this to be the case. When we particularly relate to someone, we might say something like “he/she’s one of us!”.

But I propose that everyone is actually one of us. Personally, I believe we are all equally part of God; little gods, if you will, going about our business of serving the completeness of God. And not just us human beings, but the animals and plants, and all other living things too.

I believe that in this world we are all simply play-acting in our own chosen ways. Those ways may be very different. But they are just temporary dramas, and they in no way make any one individual less or more one of us than another.

I am experimenting with this idea … every time I find myself verbally critical or disapproving of another person, I try to add the line ‘they’re one of us’ to the end of my sentence. It’s pretty humorous to be honest … but then the putting of ideas into practice is always slightly more challenging than philosophising from the armchair.

To challenge my idea further, we might consider an extreme situation. For example, a murderer and their victim. Can they both be simultaneously serving the completeness of God by the playing out of their experience? And can we accept that the murderer is as much one of us as the victim?

What do you think?

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