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I think I believe that in this world we are all little gods serving the completeness of the big God, and as such whatever we do must already be perfect …

quote from my ‘Material World Only Rasa‘ essay.

The Śrī Īśopaniṣad invocation states that everything that comes from God is perfect.

Let us try to face the challenge of seeing perfection in everything that is going on in this world. Even in the dark stuff.

Take, for example, nature’s arrangement where the body of one species is essential food to the survivial of another species. Where is the perfection in that? Where is the perfection in any of the suffering of the material world? And how can it be reconciled with a benevolent and all-powerfull Godhead?

Some might say that it is not God’s fault – it’s your bad karma, sinful reaction etc. Others may simply say that God moves in mysterious ways. Neither answer cuts to the chase for me, because it still comes back to the fact that an all-powerful God can, but chooses not to intervene. Can it therefore be that God’s non-intervention is actually the highest manifestation of His benevolence? If so, how?

The problem seems to evapourate when we focus on the oneness of the living entity with God. If we ARE God, albeit ‘little gods’, and by our experience/enjoyment of the pains and pleasures of material life we are perfectly serving the completeness of the big God’s experience, the whole issue takes on a completely different perspective.

Nice philosophy, this may be … but what about Hitler and the Jewish Holocaust? That’s a pretty dark ‘enjoyment’ … surely that was not serving the completeness of God in any way, shape or form?

You decide.

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