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What if the only thing that is going on here is simply that everything in this world is adjusting and aligning according to our individual desires? To facilitate an experience or emotion that we are after? That would certainly sit well with the notion of our divinity … compared, say, to the idea of us being required to first know/learn something, discover a secret, contrive a process, etc., before we can tap into the workings of the universe. In other words it is happening perfectly and always, regardless of our awareness. The universe is always there to serve us. It is our playground – our external energy.

So with every change in intention or desire, the universe begins the process of re-alignment, as necessary organising/recruiting players eager to slot into the supportive roles, creating the backdrop that the new intention or desire requires. This process is naturally in a continual state of flux, each and everyone of us being facilitated simultaneously, and with nothing happening against anyone’s will – for that would be inconsistent with the notion of one’s divinity. In other words, the stage for our experience is being continually set, adjusted, sometimes abandoned, on the basis of individual intention or desire. Because nothing can happen against anyone’s will, sometimes re-alignment might take a little time. Especially if some of the roles to be played are less popular … even with the unlimited resources available to us.

Unfortunately, when things don’t happen immediately, we sometimes doubt they are coming and change our desire or intention … causing the on-going process of alignment to be adjusted or even abandoned. It may therefore serve us to be clear what we want and to find a way to be quietly confident that behind the scenes the wheels are always turning for us. I guess it is question of self-belief.

Of course, if you don’t believe in the divinity of the self, then none of the above is logical or reasonable 🙂

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