We Don’t Become Someone Else Posted in: One And Different, The Self Divine

By pretending to be someone else, we don’t become someone else. Like an actor on the stage, absorbed in character as they may be, remains the same person. And they go home to their real life – their family and friends – after the show (so-called real life).

By temporarily forgetting who I am, that I might be fully absorbed in the role I am playing, that I might deliver a performance of a life time, that I might enjoy such a performance, I do not become someone else.

I might play the aggressor, I might play the victim – but I remain who I am.

I might forget who I am – but I remain me – just me, forgetting who I am.

I might deny who I am – but I remain me – just me, denying who I am.

I might even deny that I exist – that simply shows I have a sense of humour 🙂

I never become someone else.

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