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That anything can happen against the will of the divine seems illogical to me. After all, what sort of divinity would that be?

If something happens against my will, that’s another thing. Or is it? What if everything that eminates from the divine, all of us included, is also divine? In other words, though we may not be God (with a capital ‘G’), at the same time we do not give up our divinity by the process of our manifestation.

That being the case, we have a problem: As I live my life, so many things happen against my will. So many things happen to others against their will. How can this be so if we are divine? So, perhaps we are not divine … or maybe these events only appear to be happening against our will?

My song ‘How Does It Serve You?‘, verses 1 and 2 …

I feel my mind goes down
Sometimes seems nothing goes my way

Maybe you’ve been there too,
Doubting you own power to choose?

… describes the perception that life is not going according to plan or desire, and that we are powerless to achieve what we aspire to. Where’s our divinity in that?

The chorus, however …

How does it serve you?
My only question
Just a suggestion,
Ask how does it serve you

… urges us to consider the possibility that the apparent reverses we face might actually be serving us (that would sit well with the notion of our divinity) – for example, serving us by adding texture and creating context for our life adventure – that we may gain the depth of experience and enjoyment that we are after.

Consider any good story – a caste of adversaries, a plot that includes setback, betrayal, lost love etc., all these things contribute greatly to the experience of eventual triumph by the protagonist. The setbacks are essential for creating context. They serve the story. Maybe life’s setbacks likewise serve us?

The 3rd verse of my song …

Next time it hits the fan
You try perceive part of your plan

…. expresses determination to see a bigger picture as the next round of reverses come in to play. To remember to ask myself ‘How does this serve me?’

If someone seems to betray you – perhaps you want to experience forgiveness? … if someone abuses you – perhaps you want to experience being a victim? … and so on …

Or is this all just my creative way of maintaining intact the idea of our divinity?

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