Let’s Use The Correct Word Posted in: What are we doing here?

I am not dismisive of being in ‘love’, or the associated euphoric feelings.

My proposal is that love is simply the wrong word. The correct word is ‘infatuation’. Sorry … I know it doesn’t sound so lofty 🙂

And that love is not a feeling or state of being … rather a giving; a caring; a doing … always a conscious choice. Not always spontaneous or easy.

Let us use the correct word:

  • ‘I fell in love’ … we really mean ‘I became infatuated’
  • ‘I’m in love’ … ‘I am presently infatuated’
  • ‘I fell out of love’ … ‘The infatuation passed’
  • ‘Love Addiction’ … let’s call it ‘Infatuation Addiction’

If we give ourselves over to infatuation addiction, are we not setting ourselves up for a lifetime of passing relationships and poor parenting through a trail of broken homes? We have no control of the when, and for how long, we are in state of infatuation, yet we allow it to be the primary thing that decides our journey through life. Like any sort of addict, we become slave to a master who doesn’t care for us and over whom we have no control.

Perhaps if we call it infatuation, rather than love, we will be less willing to be trusting servants to it? And it would not be something we would want to boast about.

Dip in and out … fine, I know I have, but remain the master. Survive the experience. You deserve it … and perhaps society will be a better place!

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