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Imagine no religion … or a religion where there is no presumption of a single ultimate goal.

There would be:

  • No context for judgement of good and bad.
  • No context for judgement of sin or piety.
  • No context for judgement of right and wrong, and in fact all the choices we make would be simply regarded as manifestations of our of divinity, regardless of level of self-awareness.
    … to list just a few

Scary or liberating?

I see the organised religions of the world as almost all exclusively focusing on the separation from/difference between the living entity and God. Even those that philosophically pay lip service to the simultaneous oneness of the living entity with God. They make all sorts of judgements as to what one should or shouldn’t do. They characterise the living entity as the sinner, the offender, the envious-of-God, the fallen, the worm-in-stool, etc., etc.

But what if we focus for a moment on the oneness of the living entity with God. After all, where did we come from? I suggest that we will immediately we find the above list completely reasonable and appropriate.

And what about if we try to bring together the oneness and the difference points of view? Confusing it might be, open ended relgion might become, inconceivable it might seem.

Read more on inconceivable one-ness and difference at wikipedia.

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