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If I think I am God … then, looking at my experience of life and the world around me, I might question Why am I doing this to myself?How does it serve me? … etc.


If I think I am not God … then my questioning might be more along the lines of Why is God doing this to me? What have I done wrong? … etc.

One and Different Together

But what if both points of view are true?

That being the case, if we layer them together, perhaps we get an enhanced understanding of what is going on?

For example, from the One point of view, as mentioned above, we naturally question How does it serve me? We would not normally think to ask that question from the Different point of view.

But if we accept both points of view as being valid and true, we see that it is also logical to ask the same question from the Different point of view. From the Different point of view this question becomes How does my being in illusion and thinking I am different from God serve me?

And asking the right questions might lead us to the right answers … you experiment!

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