There is no limit to what one can believe Posted in: Belief and Truth

Human beings can believe in just about anything, and then go on to believe that it’s not a question of belief but just plain fact.

But as one goes through life we have the opportunity to look back at the various convictions that we embraced and then later rejected over time. And how they caused us to act in relation to others. We realize that if it’s not truth now, then it never was … even though at the time there was no question in our mind. Perhaps a few sorrys are in order?

Hopefully it causes us to look at our present convictions with a little more wisdom, and a little less absolutism.

And knowing the power we have as human beings to elevate belief to fact, having done it over and over ourself … we should act cautiously around those whole believe they act in the name of God. For it’s not a belief to them at all, but the biggest fact of all.

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