Best Understood in Terms of Our Oneness with God Posted in: Divinity, One And Different

The seeming horror of what goes on in the material world, for example birth and death/one species needing to eat the body of another simply to survive, is best understood in terms of our oneness with God, rather than from the standpoint of our separateness from God. Otherwise, no amount of philosophical rangling can produce and explanation that believably preserves the notion that God is both benevolent and in control. Saying it is our karma, misuse of independance etc etc., simply skirts the issue. The issue that God can stop it, but chooses to allow it to go on.

I propose that oneness and separatedness are both true, and that God is both benevolent and in control. However if we focus on our separatedness from God while considering the horrors of the material world, we are faced with the problem that God is doing it to us – directly or indirectly, actively … or by simply allowing it to go on. On the other hand, if we focus on our oneness with God, then it becomes a case of God doing it to Him/Her Self. The problem seems to evapourate! Though the question why is obviously beggared.

Why? … my article ‘Food Chain – Where is God’s Love‘ explores this further

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