It is not so much that God is getting something that He wants … Posted in: Divinity, One And Different, The Self Divine

It is not so much that God is getting something that He wants from what is going on here in the material world, but more that He is simply manifesting something He is: the Supreme Enjoyer. His supreme enjoyment includes ‘enjoyment’ of the myriad of pleasures, including those ghastly and horrific, facilitated by self-ignorance in the material world. Without them His enjoyment would not be complete! However, it is not directly as the supreme orginal personality of Godhead that He enjoys such things (self-ignorance is not possible for Him). Rather such enjoyment is experienced as numerous separated parts and parcels (us … who are susceptible to the influence of maya/ignorance). Our enjoyment therefore contributes to, and is in fact necessary for, the completeness of the experience and enjoyment of God. Our enjoyment is also His enjoyment because we are God … at least in the sense that we are part of God, and nothing exists except God.

So no matter what we do and experience, we cannot but be contributing to and serving the completeness of God. For this reason we are always rightly situated. Even when we choose enjoyments facilitated by greater self-ignorance. Our choices, in terms of preferred modes of material nature — all the way up to liberation and/or returning back to Godhead, are manifestations of our eternal divinity.

Deciding that ignorance no longer serves one is a path and choice that we are naturally entitled to. I may even recommend it, but I also believe it is not the only RIGHT choice. In the greater scheme of things every choice is a right choice, because we are always executing our purpose and serving the completeness of God. Everything is always perfect … even the bad stuff!

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