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The lyric of my song is an imagined conversation between God and a soul, loosely based on the two-bird-in-a-tree analogy found in the Muṇḍaka Upaniṣad … but presented strictly in terms of my own understanding 🙂

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Verse 1
So if you want me
Know where to look
Find my number
It’s in the book

‘So’ to convey this is not the beginning of the dialogue, ‘Know’ intended as both suggestion and acknowledgement.

Verse 2
So you can reach me
Call any time
Reverse the charges
I will never mind

No qualification required

Chorus v1
Still sitting here
High in our tree
I watch you always
My part of me

Use of word High is not intended to suggest use of drugs but vantage point for seeing the bigger picture. Thought I better clarify.

Verse 3
For I am as you
Just more aware
Most things you see as real
View I don’t share

Suggesting no fundemental difference between the speaker and subject beyond the subject’s special talent for accepting the illusions of the material world as reality

Verse 4
But still they serve us
Both you and I
Always facilitate
Never deny

Proposing the idea that we are trapped/entangled by maya is itself an illusion facilitated by maya. Where it serves us to believe so, maya makes it feel believable to us.

Chorus v2
Still sitting here
High in our tree
I love you always
My part of me

Chorus v3
Still sitting here
High in our tree
Enjoy you always
My part of me

In this version of the chorus the variation line Enjoy you always is purposely ambiguous as to whether the speaker is enjoying the activity/experience of the subject, or simply observing the experience of the subject. Take your pick … either or both 🙂

Verse 5
I pass no judgement
Prescribe no goal
For ev’ry hat you wear
Completes the whole

Suggesting that although the whole is already complete, nevertheless the part contributes to the completeness of the whole. Always and regardless of which hat they wear.

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