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The lyric of this song is a bit of a rant against what I consider the dumbed-down values and social expectations placed upon us by government/corporations in 2012 UK society (perhaps this is a global trend?) – together with my observation that generations presently growing up do not realise that just a few decades ago ideas like sending small babies to daycare so mum can hurry back to the work place, or the necessity of both partners working just to make ends meet would have seemed outrageous.

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Verse 1
Big society
All you’ve ever known
Only decade old
But you assume substance
Carved in stone

I guess we all grow up thinking that the ways of the world we live in are long established. But being a little older now, I see how social norms are constantly shifting, sometimes under the push and manipulation of forces with very self-serving agendas.

Verse 2
Soaking like a sponge
Wet with social norms
Never step outside
To realise the rules
Feed the lie

Where is our freedom?

Silent you comply
In the name of progress
Pay until you die
Spend your precious time

Our time being a limited and precious asset, yet we ‘spend’ it on – give ourselves over to – objectives set by powers that do not necessarily have our self interest and personal fulfillment at their core

Verse 3
Infants in daycare
Mothers must pay tax
Sold as parenting
Responsibly nurture
Down the drain

I read the Continuum Concept when I was first a parent. Does anyone really think sending tiny babies to daycare offers the best possible start in life for a child? Who do we do it for?

Repeat Chorus

Spoken Section
Good job you’re eternal
Good job this is just a game
Good job you’re a star

I have to thank my wife Divyarasa for the spoken section of the song – encouraging me to add something positive to an otherwise slightly negative rant of a lyric 🙂

Verse 4
Toiling 9 to 5
Just to stay alive
Try to get ahead
When all is said and done
A lowly goal

OK, most of us need to work to earn a living – function within society in a productive way – that’s fine, but I think sometimes we should just say no when we are being herded backwards. Take a stand. Even if we feel like we are trapped.

Repeat Chorus

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