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Sometimes adult society is dismissive of the emotional experience of children and/or younger people. Take the expression ‘puppy love’ for example … an adult judgement that prepubescent romantic love is not real, or at least is in some way inferior to the adult counterpart.

I suggest, however, that compared to an adult, there is no reason to believe the ability to feel emotion is in anyway restricted by the soul wearing the mind/intellect/life experience/maturity of a child. Neither in fact by any body and associated outlook across the species of life. Our present ‘covering’ simply sets the stage upon which feelings are experienced. Yes, that stage contributes to the flavour of those feelings, but it does not determine success or failure of the feeling process. The feeling process is always fully successful for the soul.

And in any case the soul is not a child or an adult, but an ancient, nay eternal, being, who has probably done everything, experienced everything, a million times over. A connoisseur of feelings in fact. At least this is my personal belief 🙂 … whatever body, mind, species, our soul is presently dressed up in provides the platform upon which we can experience the specific flavour of feelings we are after.

While my song Fifteen isn’t a pro under-age relationship song, it does consider the scenario of an older/younger person relationship from the point of view of both parties as eternal beings, perhaps simply resuming romantic involvement from a past life, this time against the backdrop of social disapproval … society’s judgement perhaps adding some flavour / intensity to their experience.

While on the subject, personally I see the social norms of this time and place as but fleeting popular preferences, nothing more or less, certainly not absolutes of wrong and right. But they do nevertheless flavour our life experience …

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