OK, it’s a joke name … amaiyu = am I you? But at the same time it’s a serious question for me. Perhaps one to be addressed to God, perhaps one addressed for you. Perhaps both. I say this because I am drawn to the Vedanta philosophy of Achintya-Bheda-Abheda (inconceivable one-ness and difference). That said, maybe the question I really want to ask is to what degree am I you/God?

Anyway, what you will find at amaiyu.com is a collection of my short essays exploring one-ness with/difference from God, and related subject matters. My plan being to later organise/edit them into chapters, with the intention of publishing as a cohesive book under the title ‘A Personal Journey with Eastern Spirituality

Disclaimer: Please note that my essays very much represent my own understanding, appreciation and opinion. I make no attempt to justify or argue my thoughts on the basis of traditional guru-sastra-sadhu authority (guru = spiritually aware teacher; sastra = scripture; sadhu = saintly person). Rather, I wholeheartedly own them as subjective personal opinion. As such I encourage you to feel free to dismiss or find inspiration in them as you see fit.

David Kingston

David at the George Harrison Garden, Bhaktivedanta Manor

Recent Articles

It’s not that I don’t believe in karma per se

When I say I don’t believe in Karma, it’s not that I don’t believe in karma per se, but I don’t believe in karma as reaction to thought and/or deed that one is obliged to accept. I find that sort of understanding fundamentally incompatible with the divinity of the soul in that this idea of karma is simply a thinly disguised version of against-my-will-obliged. Divinity and against-my-will are never happy bedfellows for me. Just as…

Rethinking Faith and Belief

The questions ‘Do you believe in God?’ and ‘Do you have faith?’ are both often taken as ‘Do you believe God exists?’ I propose a more personalised way of understanding. ‘Do you believe in God?’… not so much about ‘Do you believe God exists?’ but more along the lines of one person saying to another ‘I believe in you’. Others may doubt you, defame you, misunderstand you, but I still believe in you. Likewise ‘Do…

Self Divinity

Bondage of karma, fallen soul etc., … this type of thinking can go unchallenged/sit comfortably with the idea that we are not God. That our being a separated part and parcel of God more or less minimises the fundamentals of our continued divinity. I feel this is a false argument … much in the vain of the passing of huge amounts of time makes the ideas of natural selection / random mutation / man from…

Life on Earth – like a wonderful vacation?

In pondering my own mortality, and in particular the temporary nature of life on Earth, I stumbled into a comparing of my life here with the taking of a vacation. That a vacation is temporary is not normally perceived as a problem.  And that a holiday is not forever is not actually thought of as an impediment to enjoyment of the holiday. Likewise that this life has a beginning and an end doesn’t necessarily need…

Spiritual ABC: Everyone is brother / sister

How strange it is that cultivation of the sense of ‘other’ is prominent in so many of the religions of the world? Surely understanding that everyone (and I’m not just talking about human beings) and everything comes from God is at the very ABC beginning of spiritual vision? That being the case, we are all family … brothers and sisters so to speak.  No question of ‘other’ simply because someone embraces another faith, or no…

Religion doesn’t have to be something that takes you away from God

Just saying