OK, it’s a joke name … amaiyu = am I you? But at the same time it’s a serious question for me. Perhaps one to be addressed to God, perhaps one addressed for you. Perhaps both. I say this because I am drawn to the Vedanta philosophy of Achintya-Bheda-Abheda (inconceivable one-ness and difference). That said, maybe the question I really want to ask is to what degree am I you/God?

Anyway, what you will find at amaiyu.com is a collection of my short essays exploring one-ness with/difference from God, and related subject matters. My plan being to later organise/edit them into chapters, with the intention of publishing as a cohesive book under the title ‘A Personal Journey with Eastern Spirituality

Disclaimer: Please note that my essays very much represent my own understanding, appreciation and opinion. I make no attempt to justify or argue my thoughts on the basis of traditional guru-sastra-sadhu authority (guru = spiritually aware teacher; sastra = scripture; sadhu = saintly person). Rather, I wholeheartedly own them as subjective personal opinion. As such I encourage you to feel free to dismiss or find inspiration in them as you see fit.

David Kingston

David at the George Harrison Garden, Bhaktivedanta Manor